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About Sean Morton

I discovered a passion for photography while I was studying at university, and began developing this interest while pursuing graduate studies. Even during that busy time, I spent as much time as I could away from my laptop, hiking, kayaking, travelling, and camping across Canada. It was from these excursions through our vast and diverse country that I found a source of inspiration, creativity, and energy that I could bring to my academic work and family life. As I transitioned into the world of freelance writing, spending eight hours or more a day at the computer, I began to realize how easy it is to slip into the mindset that the world around us is boring, commonplace, or an annoyance.  If we become immersed in the digital world and forget to look around ourselves, it is easy to believe that our local surroundings are something we should ignore as we go about our busy lives.  We begin to see them as something to be escaped from on those few precious days of holiday we work so hard for. While it is easy to dream of the exotic landscapes of the Caribbean, Asia, Antarctica, or wherever our individual fantasies take us, I have come to believe very strongly that there is a great value in finding the beauty that surrounds all of us in our everyday lives. Beauty does not exist only in the stunning scenery of the Canadian Rockies, the Bay of Fundy, Algonquin Provincial Park, or the Toronto skyline. It can be found everywhere, if you only stop to look. The rewards of exploring the landscape around you, seeking out the new and different, seeing it from a new perspective, and finding a way to appreciate whatever you find, cannot be underestimated. That is the message I hope to share with others through my photography of everyday landscapes as I begin my journey as a professional photographer. Dream big, and follow your dreams every chance you get, but don't forget to live in the meantime!

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